Making paper is an art. We represent centuries of tradition and mastery in fine art papers. Since our 1994 inception, we have traveled the globe searching for the finest papers from the finest manufacturers. To date, we offer more than three thousand existing papers from sixteen countries but our quest continues. Collaborating with some of the most legendary artists and renowned mills, we are known as the world's most relentless innovator in the art of papermaking. We constantly aim to be ahead of the curve. We listen to your needs and seek out new ways for you to enhance your work. We add value to creative work. We put vision into paper. We are paper.
For this project, we were tasked to create an ad campaign for a paper company of our choice. I decided to choose Legion Paper due to their unique selection of paper. The three paper types I decided to highlight are different paper types from all over the world. Through this ad, I wanted to evoke the feeling of being in that specific location with the different paper choices.